Night at the wax museum

Through the eyes of a child, Thomas, we discover the behind-the scenes action at the Grévin Museum, Paris: the Palace of illusions. Accompanied by celebrities whose statues magically come to life. Thomas is wonderstruck by every facet of this iconic Parisian landmark. Who hasn’t dreamed of going behind the scenes at the Grévin museum? By day and by night! To discover how and which celebrities are chose to be part of this theatre of living history? To view the process from the firs sittings up to the making of these wax statues immortalizing our stars? To discover the attic where the ephemeral glories of yesterday and those lost to collective memory are stored?

Writer : Patrice LECONTE
Director : Patrice LECONTE
Image : Jean-Marie DREUJOU
Sound : Paul LAINÉ
Montage : Joël HACHE
Durée : 47′


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